Německo Od 4.9.2023 zvýšil klub v Marburgu honoráře na 120 a 80 EUR / den.

Švýcarsko Přidali jsme užitečné informace pro pobyt a cestování do Švýcarska zde

Kypr Nové kluby na Kypru pro hostesky a gogo tanečnice na sezonu 2023.

Profil klubu

Profilová fotka

Základní údaje

Číslo: 330012
Město: Paris
Země: Francie
Minimální karta pro získání angažmá: červená
Minimální počet bodů pro získání angažmá: 0
Minimální délka angažmá: 1 dní
Maximální počet umělců v klubu: 20
Maximální prodloužení angažmá: 1 dní
Limit pro zrušení angažmá: 3 dní předem
Klub vyplácí: honorář
Popis privátního dne:
Popis půlprivátního dne:
Měna: EUR
Časové pásmo: GMT+1 Časová pásma
Frekvence výplaty honorářů: měsíc
Frekvence výplaty procent z drinků a tanců: měsíc

Otevírací doba a směny

Otevírací doba klubu:
Pondělí: 22:30 - 05:00
Úterý: 22:30 - 05:00
Středa: 22:30 - 05:00
Čtvrtek: 22:30 - 05:00
Pátek: 22:30 - 05:00
Sobota: 22:30 - 05:00
Neděle: 22:30 - 05:00
Poznámka k pracovní době a směnám:

Požadované jazykové znalosti

Jazyky: Francouzština (FR)(doporučený)
 Angličtina (GB) - aktivně (doporučený)
Poznámka k jazykům:

Nabízené pozice, show a konzumace

 tanečnice (full-stripe) [OSVČ]
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 tanečnice (topless) [OSVČ]
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 tanečnice (specální show)
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 tanečnice (full stripe)
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 tanečnice (topless)
  • honorář: neuvedeno
Poznámka k pracovním pozicím:
Show: House dollar / tip - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
 Strip (full nude show) - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
 Topless - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
 Lap dance - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
 Table dance - cena: 35 EUR, honorář: 3 EUR = 11%
 Stage - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
Poznámka k provozovaným show:
Konzumace (drinky):
Procenta z drinků při platbě kartou: stejná jako při platbě hotově


Klub poskytuje ubytování: Ano
Cena ubytování: 20€ EUR / den
Vybavení ubytování: postel
 WIFI V klubu je WiFi
Poznámka k ubytování: First week will be offered free to all new dancers
Klub hradí umělci dopravu z bydliště: Ne


Vyzvednutí při příjezdu: Ne
Lokální doprava: umělci si zajišťují sami
Poznámka k dopravě:

Popis klubu

The conditions details:


Paris, France, Europe


Dancers are required to work a minimum of 5 days per week the maximum being 6 nights if they are living in the dancers accommodation if they are not they can work half time at 4 nights minimum per week.

Starting times are arranged into shifts:
10PM ready for 1030PM
11PM ready for 1130 PM
Normal club  closing hours are between 4AM and 6AM
Lateness or Absence may result in a Fine
The House Manager is in charge of  all the Dancers schedules
Dancers schedules are given out weekly
Dancers must RESPECT their SCHEDULE!
All Dancers on early shifts are given priority to leave early!
Dancers must call their Manager if they are late for their shift
Dancers who have been off sick must on return to work supply a doctors paper

In the case of a dancer wanting to terminate her contract a letter must be written at the office stating the reason why.
All letters must be drawn up in the presence of Manager.
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 1030am-530pm


Are topless and last for 3 songs
Dancers will go on stage on average between 3 and 5 times per night
Dancers can bring in their own music,they can speak to our DJ’s directly about this
and they will do their best to accommodate each girl
We are always open to dancers performing individual themed shows
And doing so will result in bonuses for the dancer



We do have Dancers Accommodation located 100 yards from the club in the centre of Paris.
A cleaning service , towel service and sheet service is available each day free of charge
Dancers are not allowed to bring guests to stay at the Pink Accommodation.
Dancers must abide by the accommodation rules. They will be briefed on arrival.
Failing to do this will result in expulsion from the premises.
The accommodation is 20 € per day, or 2 Pink tickets.


The girls have to pay their plane, bus or train  tickets etc


• Minimum age 18 years,
• pleasant appearance,
• a minimum of English,
• communicative, serious minded and ambitious.

• THEMED NIGHTS: Dancers are required to bring the correct costumes/dresses for certain nights. This can be checked directly with Manager prior to the dancers arrival. We usually don’t change this around too much as we want the dancers to get a lot of use out of their costumes.
• While dancing at Club dancers are NOT allowed to dance in any other strip tease clubs in Paris  until they have completed the duration of their contract


For the movement is any days Long dress with lingerie (bra, stockings, strip shoes and string), if they want with a max of accessories or just lingerie but with something on the top and accessories. They can buy some stuff directly in the club.
Shoes : Strip shoes are preferred but other platformed high heel shoes can be accepted            
Jewellery : diamante jewellery must be worn at all times and dancers are advised to bring sexy black lingerie and black stockings with them as they will be asked to wear this on certain occasions 


All accounts are done monthly
Dancers will receive with their cheque or bank transfer a ‘Fiche de Paye’


Commissions for the drinks:
We do not give dancers money on alcohol sales… in France it is NOT legal

Commissions for the dances:

1 PINK TICKET = 10€ NET (French System) 

1 Tableside Topless Dance = 1 PINK TICKET (1 Song) 
1 Private Nude dance= 2 PINK TICKETS (2 Songs)
1 VIP 20 mins (nude) = 10 PINK TICKETS (20 Minutes)
Our Dancers takings per month Average between 3000€ NET up to 10000€ NET

The amount a dancer earns depends on the dancer's motivation and drive.


ID card, or passport. European (EU/EEA) or work visa available in France.


Contracts are a minimum of 2 weeks but preferably 1 month and a maximum of 1 year