Nový klub na Kypro pro hostesky a gogo tanečnice.

Nový klub v Turecku - Ankara - hostesky, gogo a topless tanečnice

Znovu jsme po letech přidali do nabídky klub v Norimberku.

Profil klubu

Profilová fotka

Základní údaje

Číslo: 100000
Město: Toronto
Země: Kanada
Minimální karta pro získání angažmá: červená
Minimální počet bodů pro získání angažmá: 0
Minimální délka angažmá: 92 dní
Maximální počet umělců v klubu: 20
Maximální prodloužení angažmá: 92 dní
Limit pro zrušení angažmá: 10 dní předem
Klub vyplácí: honorář
Popis privátního dne:
Popis půlprivátního dne:
Měna: CAD
Časové pásmo: GMT-4 Časová pásma
Frekvence výplaty honorářů: den
Frekvence výplaty procent z drinků a tanců: den

Otevírací doba a směny

Otevírací doba klubu:
Pondělí: 12:00 - 2:00
Úterý: 12:00 - 2:00
Středa: 12:00 - 2:00
Čtvrtek: 12:00 - 2:00
Pátek: 12:00 - 2:00
Sobota: 12:00 - 2:00
Neděle: 12:00 - 2:00
Poznámka k pracovní době a směnám:

Požadované jazykové znalosti

Jazyky: Angličtina (EN)(požadovaný)
 Francouzština (FR)(doporučený)
Poznámka k jazykům:

Nabízené pozice, show a konzumace

 tanečnice (full-stripe) [OSVČ]
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 tanečnice (full stripe)
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 tanečnice (topless)
  • honorář: neuvedeno
Poznámka k pracovním pozicím:
Show: konzumace / drinky - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
 Strip (full nude show) - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
 Topless - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
 Lap dance - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
 Disco / Gogo - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
 Privátní tanec / show - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
 Table dance - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
 Stage - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno
Poznámka k provozovaným show:
Konzumace (drinky):
Procenta z drinků při platbě kartou: stejná jako při platbě hotově


Klub poskytuje ubytování: Ano
Cena ubytování: zdarma CAD / den
Vybavení ubytování: postel
 WIFI V klubu je WiFi
Poznámka k ubytování: We have both single and double rooms.
Klub hradí umělci dopravu z bydliště: Ne


Vyzvednutí při příjezdu: Ano
Telefon pro vyzvednutí:
Lokální doprava: zajišťuje klub
Poznámka k dopravě:

Popis klubu

Toronto, Canada

Some citizens will need visa to be allowed to travel to Canada.


(All the $ in the text = CAD)

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The club is ocated in Toronto. Owned and operated for the past 28 years and is known and loved for their beautiful ladies, classy atmosphere, friendly staff and unique system.

In our establishment our performers do not walk around and approach customers to get a lap dance. There is no rejection, They do not waste time trying to get the customer to purchase a lap dance also there is no competition with other performers. In our club you are chosen from a book, which contains your picture (fully costumed). Time is money if a customer wishes to talk to you - he pays for it.

We have up to five hosts on the floor selling time and space tokens for all of our performers.


• The minimum guarantee is set to a minimum of $20,000.00 for a 3 month contract. We have performers that make $100.00 a day and others that make a $1000.00 a day. It all depends on your attitude and presentation. 95 percent of all our performers earn more than what they are guaranteed.

• Performers are required to work six-days a week. Days off can be taken after completion of the first six-days of work.

• Full Shift is 5:00 p.m.–2:45 a.m.

Half Shift is 9:00 pm – 2:45 a.m.

Weekly schedule will be similar to follows:

Monday: 5 to close, Tuesday: 9 to close, Wednesday: 5 to close, Thursday: Day off, Friday: 5:00 to close, Saturday: 5:00 to close and Sunday: 9:00 to close. All shifts are decided by management.


• Lap dance tokens are accounted for nightly, and paid in full in cash to performer nightly after all advances (costumes, groceries and airfare) are paid back to the club. Your will be guaranteed based on your photo’s provided and the length of time you wish to stay. If your income is less than the guaranteed amount the difference will be paid at the end of the contract term.

• When performer is working - One free meal a day and one free alcohol drink is provided free. (excluding tequila, x.o. and champagne)

• Costumes, groceries and airfare are advanced to the performer from the club.

• Accommodations above the club are provided for free. Outside accommodations can be arranged as well but it’s not free - prices range from $150 and up.


• Performers commission on drinks paid nightly:

Special Cocktails with no alcohol: Entertainer is paid $5.00 / a drink. A token is given to you from waitress.

Champagne Commission ranges from $50.00 a bottle to $300.00 a bottle. A token is given to you from waitress.

• DJ fee is $10.00 a shift and deducted nightly from your earnings.

• Time and space tokens are paid nightly.

• Champagne Commission is paid nightly.


• Be punctual for all shifts.

• Perform stage shows as required. Stage shows consist of three songs (11-12 minutes duration). You will go on stage anywhere from 2-5 times a shift. The 1st song your costume remains on. Mid-way through 2nd song the top half should be removed and Mid-way through 3rd song the bottom half of your costume should be removed. Towards the end of 3rd song the G – String remains on. All music is provided. Performer can choose her own music for stage.

• Performers are to go to tables and lap dance as directed by hosts.

• To look beautiful, feel beautiful and have a great time making lots of money in a clean safe environment. We provide full training.


VIP rooms are monitored at all times.

We currently have 3 VIP rooms:

Exotica Lounge – ½ hour booking is 8 tokens.

Tiger Lounge – 1 hour booking is 16 tokens.

Champagne Lounge – 1 hour booking is 24 tokens.

Information about travel to Canada: